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To keep synchronized with meta:User:Adélaïde_Calais_WMFr/2022-2023_Lingualibre_wishlist.

  • Check-green.svg Done 2022.03.11: Adelaide initiated the 2022-2023 Lingualibre wishlist.
  • Check-green.svg Done 2022.06.01 (event): Updated wishlist shared, call for improvement.
  • Check-green.svg Done 2022.06.05 (deadline): Celtic Knot <5mn prerecorded video.
  • Check-green.svg Done 2022.06.12 (deadline): Wikimania 2022 submition deadline. See possible formats.
  • Check-green.svg Done 2022.06.19 (event): Wider public forum in Toulouse of local communities associations with Lingualibre's stand and our Occitan Gascon team Lo Congres.
  • Check-green.svg Done 2022.06.21-23 (event): LREC / Languages Resources and Evaluation Conference in Marseille. Opportunity to share our vision with researchers of language resources.
  • Check-green.svg Done 2022.07.01-02 (event): Celtic Knot Conference 2022, for “communities working on a minority language on the Wikimedia projects”, See requested format
  • Symbol partial oppose vote.svg Skipped 2022.07 (event idea): several outreach and recording sessions at INALCO
  • Check-green.svg Done 2022.07.08-10 (event): Wikimedia France's Wikicamp. Opportunity to share our vision with WMFr's community.
  • Check-green.svg Done 2022.08.03-06? (event, W/T/F/S/Sunday): Wikimedia France Hackathon.
  • Check-green.svg Done 2022.08.11-14 (event, T/F/S/Sunday): Wikimania Online. Opportunity to share our vision with the global WMF's community.
  • Symbol partial oppose vote.svg Skipped 2022.09.xx (deadline): Wikimedia Foundation community fund, Alliance fund applications deadlines. See {{Grants table}}.
  • Check-green.svg Done 2022.11.19-20 (event): WikiConvention, Paris. Francophone event.


This wishlist's presents possible coming milestones in order to better balance our human resources. If you feel you can take on one of those items, you are welcome.

  • Symbol partial oppose vote.svg Skipped 2023.01.23-02.06 (deadline) : meta:Community Wishlist Survey 2023
  • Check-green.svg Done 2023.01.14 (deadline): Wikimedia Hackathon 2023
  • Check-green.svg Done 2023.02.01 (event): Lingualibre:Events/2023 Editathon
  • Check-green.svg Done 2023.02.04 (meeting): Wikimédia France yearly strategic orientations → Lingualibre and SignIt reportings forwarded to them.
  • Symbol partial oppose vote.svg Skipped 2023.02.10 (deadline): Wikimédia France yearly budget request to WMF, include some Lingualibre's needs. Voir wishlist 2022.
    • Symbol partial oppose vote.svg Report? 2023.02.18: inclure dans stratégie Lili.
  • OOjs UI icon play-ltr-progressive.svg Ongoing 2023.02-05 (code): Lingua Libre Bot Python code improvements (Pamputt)
  • Symbol partial oppose vote.svg Skipped? 2023.02.20+ (meeting): Lingualibre Strategic Group's 1st meeting
  • Check-green.svg Done 2023.03.17 (internship, deadline): ends of outreach internship
  • Symbol partial oppose vote.svg Skipped 2023.03.18: Scholarship Diwan network (Breton)
  • OOjs UI icon play-ltr-progressive.svg Ongoing 2023.03.28 (deadline): Wikimania Call for presentations.
  • 2023.04.07 (event): Journée du Libre Éducatif, Rennes.
  • Symbol partial oppose vote.svg Skipped? 2023.05-09 (code): Record Wizard freelance, fix/upgrade
  • 2023.05.11 (event): Wiki Workshop 2023 (Wikimedia & Researchers)
  • 2023.05.12 (event): ContribuLing 2023, Paris, France.
  • 2023.05.19-21 (event): Wikimedia Hackathon 2023
    • (code): Languages gallery
  • 2023.05.28 (event): Forom des Langues 2023, Toulouse, France.
  • 2023.?? (code): Lingua Libre video recording fix for SignIt.
  • 2023.07.xx (event): Celtic Knot 2023
  • 2023.07.07-09 (event): Wikicamp 2023
  • 2023.07-08 (code): Commons migration (wikipages ; wikibase items)
  • 2023.08.xx (event): Lili hackathon 2023
  • 2023.08.16-19 (event): Wikimania 2023: Singapore, special "Diversity".
  • 2023.09.11-15 (event): International School in Linguistic Fieldwork in Paris

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