Applications gather notable external applications using LinguaLibre-produced audios. This includes web applications, mobile applications, and reuses.

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Wiktionaries (multiple)

Occitan Gascon - French dictionary

Lingua Libre SignIt extension (French to LSF)

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Cat Is Smart (Chinese)

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  • Description: A multimedia, bilingual Chinese-English dictionary and adaptative learning system to learn Chinese.
    • Linguistic community: author.
    • Languages: Chinese.
    • Year: 2015
  • Technology: responsive web application.
    • Code: JS
    • Data: Chinese audio / Chinese word / pinyin / (pos) English .
    • Data sources: audio from Lingualibre, lexicographical data from hsk sources.
    • Repository:
    • Developer model: single author,l
    • License: MIT License.
  • Contact:

ChinoisSansFrontiè (Chinese)

  • Description: A multimedia, bilingual Chinese-French manual to learn traditional Chinese.
    • Linguistic community: author.
    • Languages: Chinese, French.
    • Year: 2021
  • Technology: responsive web application.
    • Code: JS
    • Data: Chinese texts, sentences, words, their pinyin, audio pronunciation and French.
    • Data sources: audio from Lingualibre, lexicographical data from author (Hugo Lopez).
    • Repository:
    • Developer model: single author.
    • License: Copyrighted.
  • Contact:

OpenEdx-hanzi (Chinese)

OpenEdXHanzi, an interactive Chinese dictionary and writing exercise using Lingua Libre recordings. Coded in HTML/CSS/JS by Yug and under open source (MIT license). Github, Online Web App.
Interface and use
Lexical information: click the sinogram for the correct order and audio; pinyin pronunciation, definition, composition, etymology; sharing links.
Writing pad: white area for practicing writing, an error will be followed by the correct suggestion.
Writing/Audio: click to play correct writing order and audio.
Audio: click to play audio.
Erase: click to erase the writing pad.
Colored sinograms: your level of mastery of a sinogram is saved in your browser.
- red: uncontrolled writing,
- green: controlled writing.
  • Description: A multimedia, bilingual Chinese-French application to learn how to write the most common Chinese characters.
    • Linguistic community: Hugo Lopez.
    • Languages: Chinese, French.
    • Year: 2018
  • Technology: responsive application.
    • Code: JS
    • Data: Chinese audio / Chinese word / pinyin / (pos) English .
    • Data sources: audio from Lingualibre.
    • Repository:
    • Developer model: single author, initially paid, volunteer maintenance.
    • License: MIT License.
  • Contact:

AlphaTiles (multiple)

  • Description: A flashcards, images based mobile application to study words of various minority languages
    • Linguistic community: mostly Americas.
    • Languages: various.
    • Year: ?
  • Technology: mobile application.
    • Code: JAVA
    • Data: L1 word, L1 image, L2 word, L2 audio.
    • Repository:
    • Developer model: core team (90%), open source contributors (<10%).
    • License: MIT License, SIL authorship.
  • Contact:

Anki plugin

Paires Minimales

A website for browsing minimal pairs in French, based on the French Wiktionary and Lingua Libre pronunciations (via Commons' API).

Ladino translation and text-to-speech

Not using Lingualibre, but a vivid example of what we could do: machine learning-based text-to-speech.


VueJS records checker

VueJS recordings checker.

Other projects

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