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You want to help us to translate Lingua Libre in your language? Great to hear that! This website is built on top of MediaWiki, the software used by Wikipedia, thereby it is fully internationalizable. Here are the main places where translations live. is a wiki dedicated to translation. It manages especially the translation of the core of MediaWiki, and many of its extensions.

  • RecordWizard (it is the core of Lingua Libre, the complete multi-step process allowing mass recording of pronunciation files);
  • QueryViz
How to edit

Login into, then go to the translation interface for the Record Wizard: Those messages are updated once a week.

System message

  • The main page;
  • RecordWizard's tutorial
  • Navigation items
  • All messages are listed below
System messages

How to edit

System messages are only editable by administrators. If you want to add or edit a translation, just add a request on this page. An administrator will make the change as soon as he can.

Wikibase items

  • The languages names inside the RecordWizard are extracted from the labels of local language items, which are imported from Wikidata.
How to edit

You could edit directly the local item of a language, but the best way to do it is to edit Wikidata. Once logged there, go to the corresponding item (you can find a link to it through our local items, inside the wikidata ID(P10) property, e.g. Q21#P10 for French). Edits there are imported on Lingua Libre once per week.

On-wiki translation

  • All help pages;
  • All meta pages;
  • ...
How to edit

This is managed using the Translate extension of Mediawiki. Every page requiring a translation has a link to do it at the top, but you can also find, review and translate every texts that need one on this special page. Edits made will be immediately available to visitors.