This Mailing page gather email templates corresponding to various use cases to addressed our contacts (see Lingualibre:Interested communities). It is important to identify which kind of actor is your contact, a classification is visible via the the sections titles below. Those follow up mails aim to
1) keep in touch with this actor of the field ;
2) leave concise pointers to the Recording Studio and assistance ;
3) confirm to them our recording tool is efficient and available for their language.
You can enhance the template email you pick up with suitable specific topics interesting to this contacted partner. This resource is part of the outreach effort.

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This page is a work in progress.

Native speaker

Activist native speaker

Activist ally

Professional language conservationist

Lexicographer / dictionary maker

Hello Ms/Mr,

Wikimedia provides a free and open Recording Studio for rapid recording of vocabulary.
Like for Cantonese, it would be possible to enrich your data with voice via :
- Lingualibre Rapid recording studio : 

- Lingualibre 5000 audios dataset:

Some Sichuanese group could record 漢詞 quite quickly : 800 words / hour.
This tool is for desktop usage. Please contact me or ask for help on Lingualibre for more tips & guidance.

Example of dictionaries or apps enriched with Lingualibre data: 
# Occitan Gascon (endangered) :
# Chinese (dominant) : 

Best regards,

Institutional manager

Technologist / Developer


Sign languages

See also Languages_by_language_family/LSFic for Sign Languages close to LSF and Minimalist guideline on Sign Languages recording

People interested in sign languages may also be interested by :

  • — online tool to record words, once you specify a sign language, you can record videos of signed word at 400 per hour.
  • Lingua Libre SignIt for Firefox — a browser extension to click words in browser and show sign language videos generated via Lingualibre.

Request translations for Lingualibre:Mailing

Request translations for SignIt

== Translate small Wikimedia extension into Japanese (30 phrases) ==
[Translated from English using Google Translate]
[English:] Hello the Japanese Wikipedia, after coding a small Wikimedia extension [ Lingua Libre SignIt for Firefox], I could use your help to translate. This extension is still experimental, it aims to help users to use Wikimedia Commons's sign languages videos to learn sign language(s). I would like to add ''"Japanese to Japanese Sign Language"'' in the future. There are just 11 phrases to translate, could someone [ help to translate those here].

We also look for volunteers fluent in sign language to record videos. Also, the code is small, so it's a good project for intermediate JS developers to join in.

Thank you for considering this request. ~~~~

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