I'am currently in wikislow. Taking periodic pauses is healthy, always good to do.
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I'm an apprentice Dragons Bot rider.

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MediaWiki:Gadget-RecentNonAudio.js, {{User details}}, MediaWiki:Common.css, Help:Download_datasets, {{Lingua Libre scripts}},


Technical > Github Winter 20-21 review, {{Userbox-records}} and serie, Github general cleanup ends, SignIt Firefox app taking back control fix republish, /datasets/ investigation and fix (partial), Wiki Meet India, Lingualibre:Events completion & template usage, LinguaLibre:Technical board creation, LinguaLibre:Bot creation, ratelimit investigation {{User ratelimit}} and mentoring users for autopatrol rights, phabricator medium clean up, LinguaLibre:List of languages, ‎ UNILEX review & Help:How to create a frequency list? revamp, List:Ron/*, List:Kur/*, Convert 1,000 UNILEX lists to LL's # {item} format


Create User:Dragons Bot account, use Wikiapi JS to code bot script lilists.js → works ! Contribuling INALCO–LinguaLibre (03/02), Wikidata Lexeme–LinguaLibre (03/03), refactor unilex-extended git submodule. Unicode–LinguaLibre (03/04), {{Recommended lists}}, LinguaLibre:Language codes systems used across LinguaLibre, Marathi lists by letter code & run bot, LinguaLibre:Jargon (draft), LinguaLibre:Workshops (draft), Remove existing frequencylist (ongoing), Gentle call to cat community, Review of Special:ActiveUsers and userpage tagging, Outreach planing: private call to North-West Brazil's potential contributor, Outreach planing: share gender concern with others.

  1. UNILEX-Lingualibre: clean up ; Reaction / strategy.
  2. INALCO–LinguaLibre: clean up ; Reaction / strategy.
  3. Wikidata–LinguaLibre: clean up ; Reaction / strategy.
  4. event coordination with Eavq,
  5. Adelaide and Taiwan Universities.
  6. create and define LinguaLibre:NewsLetter,
  7. lighter Github coordination.

20k lists project

To clear up:

  • POL (h), 27 December 2018, 22 January 2019
  • POR (s),20 January 2019
  • ENG (?), 28 February 2020
  • TAM (?), 28 May 2020
  • RON (h,u), 24 February 2021,25 February 2021
  • KUR (u), 24 February 2021
  • ITA (u), 4 March 2021
  • MAR (u), 5 March 2021
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