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Video of Surui language recording by Almir Surui (fr) / User:AlmirSurui, mentored by User:Yug.

The 2022 LinguaLibre-Surui workshop (May 20th, 2022, Paris) is a first face-to-face meeting between AquaVerde and Wikimedia France-LinguaLibre, in order to materialize the common desire to create a bilingual Portuguese-Surui multimedia dictionary. A funding request Wikimedia France/Micro-financement/Demande/µFi-2022-05-201915Atelier de formation à LinguaLibre pour le Surui was submitted, with further details the strategic context and operating costs. This page further documents the organization and conduct of the workshop. Initial training objectives set were achieved.

  • Description: the 2022 LinguaLibre-Surui workshop is a 1st face-to-face meeting to work toward a multimedia Surui-Portuguese dictionary.
  • Place: Paris, Wikimedia France (Rue Martel).
  • Time/Schedule: 2022/05/20 > 14:00.
  • Organization: User:Yug, Wikimédia France.
  • Presentation/Class: User:Yug
  • Participants: Almir Surui, Thomas Pizer, Lea, Yug.
  • Outcome: Training achieved, 350 words recorded.
  • Review & improvements: Requires to sustain the planing effort, recontact the translator, push for more translations, funding.
  • Report: meta:LinguaLibre/Atelier de formation à LinguaLibre pour le Surui/en
  • Program:
    1. (½h) Strategy and coordination
    2. (½h) Surui vocabulary and Lingualibre list's formating
    3. (½h) Pause and cleaning provided list
    4. (1h) Lingualibre discovery, training, practice
    5. (1h) Actual productive recording and publication