This LinguaLibre:Events pages gather and announce relevant planed events, IRL or online. This includes recordings workshops, edit-a-thons, hackathons, meet-ups, celebrations, campaigns, collaborations, call for projects and funding, all events requiring teamwork effort before a key deadline and application. Specific subpages serve as rally points and discussion places to organize collaborative work for that events.


- 2016-2017
- 2018
- 2019
- 2020

2021 International call

See /2021 Internationa call for details.

  • Description: India-France visio-call to exchange on experiences, prospects, strategies, ...
  • Place: online.
  • Time:
  • Organisation: Wikimedia France, Indian wikimedians > User:Adélaïde Calais WMFr, USer:Titodutta, User:Yug, ...
  • Presenters:
  • Participants:

2021 Wikimedia Wikimeet India

See meta:Wikimedia Wikimeet India 2021 & /2021 Wikimedia Wikimeet India


2021 UNILEX-Lingualibre

/2021 UNILEX-Lingualibre

One hour talk between Sascha Bawer, maintainer of UNILEX and Google/Corpuscrawler, and Yug.

2021, ContribuLing online conference

More information is available on the event's Meta page
  • Name: ContribuLing
  • Description: International conference about minority languages documentation on collaborative digital platforms.
  • Content: Workshops, presentations (slides here, videos here)
  • Date: 3-4 June 2021
  • Place: Online
  • Languages: English, French, Spanish
Initial draft available here.

2021 Hackathon in Lyon (France)

As part of WikiLucas00's residence as a Lingua Librist at the Institut international pour la Francophonie in Lyon, the team of wikimedians working there on the Dictionnaire des francophones (Noé, Sebleouf, Loumaju) organized two days of collaborative work on the project. Four contributors of Lingua Libre were invited: Pamputt, Poslovitch, VIGNERON and Yug. Lyokoï joined the team during the morning of the second day.

Read more information here (in French).

2021 Wikimania online conference

pdf presentation (in English)

WikiLucas00 presented Lingua Libre during a 45-minute workshop at the occasion of the Wikimania 2021 conference (online).

(re-)watch the session on YouTube (in English)

Patrol assistance tool prototyping project

See /Patrol assistance tool prototyping project.

The Patrol Assistance Tool project (PAT) is an University Toulouse 3's initiative to define, develop and prototype a patrol assistance tools able to review, qualify, and tag audio contributions on LinguaLibre. This project is lead by IARF-RODECO students, Université Toulouse 3 - Paul Sabatier, and supervised by Cédric « Lepticed7 » Tarbouriech and Adélaïde Calais.

  • Description: The Patrol Assistance Tool project (PAT) is an initiative to define, develop and prototype a patrol assistance tools able to review, qualify, and tag audio contributions on LinguaLibre.
  • Place: Université Toulouse 3, Toulouse, France.
  • Time/Schedule: YYYY/MM/DD > HH:MM.
  • Organisation: Lepticed7 (Cédric Tarbouriech). Support:Adélaïde Calais, Wikimédia France.
  • Presentation/Class: Lepticed7
  • Participants: IARF-RODECO students (5)
  • Forum:
  • Program: under discussion.

Winter 2021-2022 Public Relations Campaign

See /Winter 2021-2022 Public Relations Campaign.
Raising awareness about our mission among major macro-languages could open access to smaller linguistic communities, where most of the linguistic diversity resides.

The Winter 2021-2022 Public Relations Campaign is an outward communication effort initiated to raise awareness about LinguaLibre and its Recording Studio capabilities among the general public, Wikimedians, and language enthusiasts online. This campaign will go on the actual PR's field, and through experience will gather and create base PR materials (contact email, blog posts, base flyers, etc.) about our project and mission. As a first online campaign, we will mostly ride macro-languages such as English, Spanish, French, but our long objective is to particularly reach out to smaller linguistic communities within those areas. We would like the awareness created to cause a doubling and diversification of the core LinguaLibre team (coordinators, devs), and a doubling of monthly recordings by Summer 2022. Qualitatively, we aim to solidly cover the major Western languages and solidly move beyond them as well.


  • Description: an initial Public Relation Campaign to raise awareness and call for diverse contributors, including speakers, developers, and others.
  • Place: online, emails,
  • Time/Schedule: 2021/11/25 – 2022/03/31 (initial phase).
  • Lead by: Marreromarco (PR), Yug (Grants review). Support:Adélaïde Calais WMFr (soon), Wikimédia France.
    Any additional volunteers: we look for French, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi PR folk as well as minority languages contacts able to spread the campaign locally.
  • Co-participants: FOSS blogs editors and journalists.
  • Public: readers, to turn into aware public, advocates, or contributors.
  • Program: under discussion.


This section expose a wishlist of events to lead. Help much welcome to coordinate those communities with suitable supports.

  • Workshop on Indian provincial and minority languages & wordlists consolidations.
  • Online Hackathon on wordlists curation and creations
  • Indian Local languages Lingualibre recording sessions
  • Western Africa Lingualibre recording sessions