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Conference details

  1. Schedule:meta:Wikimedia_Wikimeet_India_2021/Program
  2. Place: with pre-conference trial session.
  3. Checklist: meta:Wikimedia_Wikimeet_India_2021/Checklist
  4. Telegram group for presenters:
  5. Other forms of communication: (Indian Standard Time, UTC+0530 hours).


Presentation was mainly in 4 sections :

  • Lingualibre : why & what. By Adelaide.
  • Lingualibre : how to contribute / demonstration. By Adelaide.
  • Lingualibre Technical side : Generalities. By Yug.
  • Lingualibre Technical side : LinguaLibre:Bot roles and request process. By Poslovitch.
  • Q&A. By team.

Repository Technologies (Stack) Definition and impact
Lingua-Libre-Bot Python, autorization Spread 400,000 audios in your wiki
RecordWizard JS, VueJS, CSS, PHP MW-module Mediawiki UI module to record audios/video (sign language)
LinguaRecorder JS, NodeJS Js library controlling audio recordings
SignIt JS, OOJS-UI, CSS, NodeJS Helps teach sign language
QueryViz (not presented) SparQL Helps extract data, files, meaning from Lili

Post-event review

Here are possible improvements.

General part

  • Remind possible usages : Wikimedia Websites, Language preservation, Language learning, Natural language processing (text2speech, speech2text)
  • The basics: this is a "recording project". We currently focus on words, but we can think and expand to more orality and knowledge related services.

Demonstration :

  • (Was so complete and systematic ! Merci Adélaide !)
  • by default, the limit is 380 every three days 380 per 72mins. for newly created accounts and normal accounts. See LinguaLibre:User_rights#User_rights_on_LinguaLibre for details. But! 380/hour for 4 days old accounts and an easy process to raise this significantly.
  • When you change the "stop threshold" 5 to record sentences, I think (?) it's the volume level under which the audio will stop. So we have to move it down if you want longer audios.
  • The "silence length" should be the single element to change.

Technical side :

  • Add & talk about external usages
  • Remind possible usages : Wikimedia websites via bots, Language learning apps, Natural language processing (text2speech, speech2text).
  • Referees on nearly each repository
  • Welcome volunteer devs
  • "We think about more features and improvements that we can develop" (therefore we need devs). See Phabricator.
  • RecordWizard : a point on the Video recording variation.
  • Do we have a long term strategy. What is our development vision (it's redundant with Adelaide request to define a long term )


  • Improve calls for action and when we write/say them. "Come and try it out".
  • Visually thanks the community. (nothing in the slides)
  • A final slide with the Recording Wizard recording button's screenshot.


Content Translation Tool

Lead by the WMF's Language team. See mw:Wikimedia Language engineering, meta:Category:Language research & meta:Research:Section_Translation_Design_Research.