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French developers.
All participants.


User:Yug lobbied for Lingualibre since 2012, manages its Github's organisation since its creation, is the main editor-facilitator of and its documentations (Help:SPARQL, {{Helps}}, {{Technicals}}) while maintaining the code of various sub-projects (Dragon Bot, Lingua Libre/SignIt, SPARQL2DATA, Operations, QueryViz, ...). Doing so, he interacted with all developers and and most contributors of Lingualibre. Within the project, Yug is lobbying to move beyond French and Western languages and toward minority languages, via both recording workshops and by providing value-added e-learning systems for language learning and revitalization (see LinguaLibre:Apps).

User:Elfix has contributed valuable performance improvements to Help:SPARQL queries and shown interest to push Lingualibre forward. His help will be critical so the the queries are optimizes and resilient despite Lingualibre quantitative growth.



For hacking, we will focus on Lingualibre sub-projects :

  • Lingualibre Languages Gallery : creation of a single page gallery displaying elegantly relevant statistics for covered languages. This gallery will makes gender bias visible, and encourage users to remedy it. It will also allow direct download of datasets. Sub-elements:
    • Sat.: Webdev, Toolforge (?)
    • Sun: integration and deployment on Lingualibre server.
  • Lingualibre SignIt : a web extension valorising Wikimedia Sign Language videos to encourage the general public to learn Sign Languages. Sub-elements: update available languages.
  • Lingualibre's T212671 : modification of the list reading method so the List: namespace may also support bilingual and rich dictionaries such as List:Kik/words-by-frequency.


For networking, I will advocate for :

  • Lingualibre needs for developpers (php, web) and voices
  • Lingualibre SignIt needs for developpers (web) and signers


As for our techno-strategic context, for example:

These changes can bring additional axes to our expedition.


Q1: I just added Mirandese using the Language Importer tool, but Cape Verdean Creole was already available, here: Cape Verdean Creole (Q53356)
Q3: see also with @Pamputt who worked a lot on the bot. I would say ; of course they can contribute, as long as they can provide documentation for their edits (e.g. implementing it on a new wiki requires to describe the wiki's structure).
All the best for this hackathon, see you! — WikiLucas (🖋️) 14:37, 19 May 2023 (UTC)


This month we can:

  • OOjs UI icon play-ltr-progressive.svg Ongoing Invite remote hacking developers :
  • Check-green.svg 2023.04.28: identify projects and codes to hack : see above. (Elfix, Yug)
  • Check-green.svg 2023.04.28: clarify the networking and outreach to be carried out. (Elfix, Yug)
  • OOjs UI icon play-ltr-progressive.svg Ongoing 2023.05.03 ?: review the hackathon strategies and pre-steps (Adélaide, Yug, Elfix ; others if participating)
  • Symbol partial oppose vote.svg Contact PHP/JS developers before hackathon via meta:Wikimedia Hackathon 2023/Connect


Includes coding before and after hackathon.

[1] Multiple contact and advocacy actions done but not reported above. These action limited coding time.

Thank to Elfix, Envel Hir and Yug for their enthusiastic involvement.


Daily program


(via Discord or Talk page)

Participants Yug & Elfix Michael.
18:00-21:00 Coordination
Day 1 Friday 19th

09:30 – 18:00

SignIt : update available languages.

Contributions Libre

Day 2 Saturday 20th

09:30 – 18:00

Toolforge (?)
RecordWizard : add support for richer list input.

Contributions Libre

Day 2 Sunday 21th

09:30 – 16:00

Integration des blocks

Contributions Libre