Wikidata is a Wikimedia project storing structured data for Wikimedia projects and the world. These data are under CC0 license, freely accessible via numerous tool: queries, dumps and APIs. Wikidata and LinguaLibre are both based on the same Wikibase software, a data-storage and collaborative data-editing technology. Wikidata has a lexeme side which could have more collaborations with Lingualibre. This likely requires some knowledge in SPARQL queries, Wikidata properties and items as well as Lingualibre properties and items, then bots taming and associated development skills to scale things up. Introductions to these various aspects are below.

Wikidata items

See also Help:SPARQL 2#Notable elements.
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Please explain shortly what Wikidata items are, and list some which could be interesting to Lingualibre.

Wikidata's properties

See also Help:SPARQL (intermediate)#Notable elements.

Wikidata's properties most relevant to LinguaLibre are :

  • list to complete

LinguaLibre's properties

See also Special:ListProperties.

LinguaLibre is using a database system called Wikibase, the same as used by Wikidata, to crowd source the creation of a large database relevant to multilingual audio recordings. Each audio recording is associated with few properties, mostly relevant to :

  1. the speaker
  2. the language used
  3. some system information : word, url on Wikimedia Commons, etc.

Wikidata Lexeme

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This page is a work in progress.

Lexemes is the place (the namespace) where the lexicographical data are stored in Wikidata. Lexemes are lexical units, words or expressions, that contains senses and forms.

These forms can store recording like the one from LinguaLibre. As of February 2021, 44363 forms use a LinguaLibre file ([1]).

See also

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