This page gather possible grants for LinguaLibre's contributors. In most case then may Wikimedia grants can finance events, meetings to contribute, food, transportation, hotels, books and devices. Notable coding projects can also enter this scope. Recording contributions cannot be financed by the Wikimedia organizations. Please help us to keep this page up to date and to proactively forward this resources with potential beneficiaries, especially in languages-rich countries.

Summary table

Grants pages WM-fr Rapid Grant "Microfi" WMF Grants:Rapid WMF Grants:Project > Events WMF Grants:Project > R&D
Range budget <2,000€ (indivs)
<5,000€ (groups)
500~2,000$ >2,000$ >2,000$
Next deadline year round year round 2021/02/10 (soon!) 2021/03/16
Request-to-answer delay 2~4 weeks 2~4 weeks 5 weeks 5 weeks
Scope or Ex. - Hardware
- Books
- Organization
- Travels fees
- Food (?)
- Food for community organized events
- Expenses for a series of small edit-a-thons
- Reimbursement of bus tickets for a photo walk
- Prizes for an online writing contest
- Online organizing
- Offline outreach
- Software
- Research
Language French English English English
Application length 1/2 A4 page. ? 1~3 A4 page 1~3 A4 page
Comments Limit to French Wikimedians ?
2020-2021 budget is 50k€,
10k€ spent in past 6mths,
40k left to spend in next 6 months.
Notes: 1) Covid19 pandemic and Wikimedia awareness requires small or carefully assessed IRL events. 2) More spending items are covered but wee need to ask questions and increase our understanding for specific cases relevant to us.

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