Lingua Libre uses nor ISO 639-3 nor BCP47 but Wikidata Qids as internal identifier for a language. Currently, ISO639-3 codes are used in two cases:

  • For the name of pages containing lists in the list namespace (in the format List:ISO/List name, with ISO the iso6369-3 code);
  • To forge Wikimedia Commons's category names

Current languages coverage

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Switching to other code ?

Changing the code would affect only those two parts of the process. If we switch from one language tag to an other, we would have to:

  • Add a new property BCP47 locally as you suggested (a bot can import them from Wikidata);
  • Rename all local lists (can be made by hand, we don't have many lists for now on);
  • Rename all existing Wikimedia Commons categories and move all the audio recordings (a bot there is required);

Other notable codes

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