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Chatroom FAQ

How to download all audios of one language? By speaker?

Datasets are availale here. A script is updating the datasets every 2 days, using CommonsDownloadTool. For more, see Help:Download datasets.

How to add missing languages?

Administratores pote adder nove linguas sur demanda; illes lo face in qualque dies. Per favor forni le codice ISO 639-3 del lingua o su ID de Wikidata. Pro plus information, vide Adjuta:Adder un nove lingua.

How to keep my wikimedia project up to date?

Contact Poslovitch, the master of Lingua Libre Bot. For more info, check out Help:Bots and LinguaLibre:Bot.

Qual evenimentos de vita real es previste? Quando? Ubi?

Please see LinguaLibre:Events.

How to translate LinguaLibre User Interface into a new language?

Go to For more, see Help:Translate.

How to archive sections which have been answered?

Post revider le section, adde {{done}} ~~~~ al initio del section. Post un periodo que pote variar inter alcun dies e duo septimanas, displacia le codice del section a [[LinguaLibre:Chat_room/Archives/year]].