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Administrators on Lingua Libre are users who have been granted the technical ability to perform certain special actions with local (protect and unprotect pages, delete and undelete pages, block and unblock users, and perform a variety of other tasks) and global (edit the title and spam blacklists, modify global abusefilters, send mass messages globally and more) effects.

  • For a list of administrators on Lingua Libre, see below.

Active administrators

Admins active in past 3 months.
User Group(s) Appointed Time Zone Babel/Other notes
Pamputt Bureaucrat May 22, 2018 UTC +1 fr, en-3
Yug Administrators January 16, 2018 UTC +1 fr, en-4, cmn-3
WikiLucas00 Bureaucrat October 4, 2020 UTC +1 fr, en-4, es-3
Titodutta Administrators February 26, 2021 UTC +5 hi, en

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