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Welcome to Lingua Libre Technical board !
Where to start?
  • Local developments are easy. You can customize your css and your js, including creating a local WikiJS script, even with limited edit rights.
  • LinguaLibre Bot (Python, github) is a high-impact project. Help is needed to authorize it on more wikis.
  • Join us on Phabricator and GitHub.
Skills we look for…
  • Developers: we especially look for Bot Masters (Python, NodeJS), SPARQL experts, VueJS developpers, issues coordinators, but everyone is welcome.
  • Projects coordinators: we also look for organizers of recording/hacking meet-ups, who are able to build a network with language learning, language conservation and NLP actors.
Happy Coding!
  • Please announce your hacking project here to raise awareness and gather feedbacks.
  • Most of our actions remain small in scope and volunteer-based. In case your project is large enough, you could learn about some of the funding options.
Development & Technical reports
Flash Technical News
  • January 25th, 2023: the latest Github revision has been pushed on the production server. Kurdish Wiktionary is now supported. Oriya Wiktionary will be very soon. Support of more Wiktionary versions should follow.

Please visit LinguaLibre:About to learn more about the project.