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Welcome to the Technical board !

Welcome to Lingua Libre Technical board !
Logo of Lingua Libre

Lingua Libre is a project which aims to collaboratively build upon multilingual audiovisual free licence resources to expand language knowledge and services and help online language communities to develop.

This stands upon a « Lingua Libre Suite », a set of programs which need maintenance, and may be expanded by new pieces of software providing new capabilities.

This forum page serves as a hub to development events and technical discussions.

Discussions about bug reports and feature requests should be diverted to Phabricator and GitHub, and code peer reviews should be submitted on GitHub.

Skills we look for…
  • Developers: we especially look for Bot Masters (Python, NodeJS), Sparql expert, VueJS developpers, issues coordinators.
  • Projects coordinators: we also look for organizer of recording/hacking meet up. Ask microfi, build a network with language learning, language conservation and NLP actors.
Where to start?
  • Local developments are easy. You can customize your css and your js, including creating a local WikiJS script with limited edit rights.
  • LinguaLibre Bot (github, Python) is a high-impact project. Help is needed to authorize it on more wikis.
  • Join us on Phabricator/lingua_libre and Github/lingua-libre.
Do you need help?
Happy Coding!
  • Please announce your hacking project here to raise awareness and gather feedbacks.
  • Most of our actions remain small in scope and volunteer-based. In case your project is large enough, you could learn about some of the funding options.
Development & Technical reports
Flash Technical News
  • March 8th: the BlazeGraph data indexer is back online. Impacted services have or will resume.
  • March 3th: the Statistics page no longer gets updated and the bot is temporarily out of service due to issues with the BlazeGraph.
  • February 28th: several RecordWizard bugs are being investigated, their resolution might remain stalled until next month MediaWiki 1.35's update.
  • February 28th: manual import of missed recordings to the French Wiktionary has been completed. Manual import to Wikidata has been paused until T275962 is fixed (note: this does not apply to the daily automated import).
  • February 27th: lists named "Lemmas-without-audio-sorted-by-number-of-wiktionaries" have been generated for 72 languages, and will be updated every night by a bot (details)
  • February 24th: UNILEX's 999 frequency lists under GNU-like license have been converted to LL's # {item} format, to copy-paste. The List's talkpage must be tagged with {{UNILEX license}}.
  • February 17th: issues with datasets updates are being investigated after it appeared only 16 of them were updated. Preliminary analysis prompts further efforts to reinforce Lingua Libre's backend codebase.
  • February 16th: Vigneron and WikiValley announced their next goal is to update Lingua Libre to MediaWiki 1.35 and to move Lingua Libre to a new server.
  • February 15th: bot nominal activity has been resumed. Recordings from November to February, 10th, are currently ignored and will be handled later on.
  • February 12nd: the bot is currently disabled until the datasets are generated. Nominal bot activity should resume afterwards, ending 4 months of unavailability.

Please visit LinguaLibre:About to learn more about the project.