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  • March 8th: the BlazeGraph data indexer is back online. Impacted services have or will resume.
  • March 3th: the Statistics page no longer gets updated and the bot is temporarily out of service due to issues with the BlazeGraph.
  • February 28th: several RecordWizard bugs are being investigated, their resolution might remain stalled until next month MediaWiki 1.35's update.
  • February 28th: manual import of missed recordings to the French Wiktionary has been completed. Manual import to Wikidata has been paused until T275962 is fixed (note: this does not apply to the daily automated import).
  • February 27th: lists named "Lemmas-without-audio-sorted-by-number-of-wiktionaries" have been generated for 72 languages, and will be updated every night by a bot (details)
  • February 24th: UNILEX's 999 frequency lists under GNU-like license have been converted to LL's # {item} format, to copy-paste. The List's talkpage must be tagged with {{UNILEX license}}.
  • February 17th: issues with datasets updates are being investigated after it appeared only 16 of them were updated. Preliminary analysis prompts further efforts to reinforce Lingua Libre's backend codebase.
  • February 16th: Vigneron and WikiValley announced their next goal is to update Lingua Libre to MediaWiki 1.35 and to move Lingua Libre to a new server.
  • February 15th: bot nominal activity has been resumed. Recordings from November to February, 10th, are currently ignored and will be handled later on.
  • February 12nd: the bot is currently disabled until the datasets are generated. Nominal bot activity should resume afterwards, ending 4 months of unavailability.