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Version 2.1.0

  • Install the Echo extension, to allow users to get notifications
  • Install the Thanks extension, to allow users to thank each others

Version 2.0.0

Website changes

  • Switching domain name from to T249937
  • Brand-new design and logo, following the Wikimedia style guide and focused on user experience T240552
  • Mobile accessibility T195763
  • Display the two last records on the home page
  • Change texts on the home and "About us" pages

RecordWizard changes

  • Implementation of the new UI T240552
  • Warn the user that it's records and personal informations can be used on the Wikimedia projects T212240 / T212239
  • Add indications of keyboard shortcuts available T208178
  • Add options allowing to configure the studio
  • Improve the record counter in the studio (addition of an 'error' and 'in progress' counter)
  • Add a new upload counter during publication
  • Listen to audio records directly from the studio T212583
  • Button to delete records from the studio T222986
  • Reload non-recorded words in the list if we start a new recording session
  • Add a progressbar in the publication stage
  • Bugfix: Learning place was not populated T252400
  • Bugfix: Some words failed anyway T212584
  • Bugfix: Clicking on "record more files" does not work T218371
  • Bugfix: Going back one step could crash the studio T229299

On the tech' side

  • switch to the Vue.js framework T248983
  • use mustache templates instead of creating the interface via jquery T247860
  • Big code restructuring to apply a more rigorous MVC model
  • Better code stability
  • Better code readability
  • Better code documentation
  • Remove old global variables, too prone to errors
  • Fusion of the video studio with the audio studio
  • Expanded capabilities of the Record List API


For more informations, see Lingua Libre's Phase 1 (January 2020-June 2020) Workboard on phabricator.

Version 1.1.0

  • Creation of a video studio dedicated to record sign languages

Version 1.0.0

See weekly updates of the initial development phase.