Khun Ry Pak

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Hello welcome ခွဲးဟဝ်ဒျာႏ ပွေါးဆွုမ်ႏဒျာႏဩ
မြန်မာဘာသာTemplate:Wp/blk/•ၽႃႇသႃႇတႆး Template:Wp/blk/•EnglishTemplate:Wp/blk/•
ခွန်ဖန်ဒွဲ့ နမ်းအဲဥ်ႏခရာႏ
KhunPhanDuae Photo
ခွန်ဖန်ဒွဲ့ ပအိုဝ်ႏပေႏလိုꩻယွဲး
Original name KhunPhanDuae (ခွန်ဖန်ဒွဲ့ Pa-o language)
English name Khunderan or Khun Ror Na
RYPAK name Deran
Date of birth English 13 8 2001
Ethnicity Flag of the Pa-O National Organisation.svg Pa-o people
Gender Male
Place of birth Kyaukkachar Village, Hopong Township, Taunggyi District
Current address Kyaukkachar Village, Hopong Township, Pa-o Autonomous Region, Taunggyi District, Shan State
Marital status Youngman
Occupation Study research
Education Still learning
Hobbies Music•Art•Love singing•Edit•happy person•Like to write a book•Like to read books•Like watching cartoon•I Like to travel
Religion Buddhism
Blood type A
Height 149 cm
Weight 44.1 kg
Languages used
Babel user information
blk-N This user has a native understanding of Pa'o Karen.
my-3 ဤအသုံးပြုသူသည် မြန်မာဘာသာ အတွက် ဗဟုသုတအဆင့် အဆင့်မြင့်မြင့် ရှိသည်။
en-3 This user has advanced knowledge of English.
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ခွုမ်ပဲင်ႏခါꩻIVA ကနွို့လွဉ်2နေင်ႏကိုကာႏ Khun Ry Pak