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Lingua Libre is a project which aims to build a collaborative multilingual audiovisual corpus under free licence in order to expand knowledge about languages and help online language communities to develop. You can help us!

You can visit this page if you want to learn more about the project

Before starting

You can create your User page by clicking on it. We recommand that you integrate the babel template onto it. It is very useful to indicate to others the languages you speak, and to facilitate finding other persons speaking your languages. If you are not familiar with wikicode, you can go to this demo User page, click on modify (in order to access the code behind it), copy the content and paste it onto your user page before adapting it to your information. You can then publish your User page!

You need some help?

You can visit this page where you will find advice for starting to contribute. If you did not find the answer to your question, please ask it in the Chat room.

Where to start?

  • Think of the words you want to record. You may enter them one by one (live list), use an existing category from a Wiktionary or Wikipedia project, or create your own list.

Good Practice

  • Try to avoid background noises during the recording
  • Please listen to the pronunciations before uploading them
  • Consider using an external microphone

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