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Bienvenue PangÉes:)

Hello, Welcome on LinguaLibre, the rapid recording app and open source project.

  • Special:RecordWizard allows you to records words quickly. Just follow the steps.
    • To speed up your work, you will need a list of words. The most popular languages already have ready-to-load wordlists. Lesser known language may require you to provide a list of words.
  • Discussion, also know LinguaLibre:Chat room, allows you to ask questions to the community
  • Help provides documentation to go further. You can also ask guidance on the main Discussion page.
  • Statistics display the core statistics of LinguaLibre. Can you find your language there ?
  • Recent changes are visible to all, while your own contributions are visible on Special:Contributions/PangÉes.

We welcome all languages. We especially look for consistent recordings series above 1000 audios in lesser known languages. These audios are then available to open sources applications allowing language learning for those languages.
As for today, thank you for your visit and curiosity. Yug (talk) 14:53, 17 October 2020 (UTC)