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LinguaLibre has been at :

| Deadline/Date | Event |
| ----------- | -------- |
| 2017/05/21 | Vienna's hackathon
| 2017/08/09 | Montreal's hackathon 
| 2017/08/13 | Montreal's Wikimania

2017 Vienna Hackathon

In Vienna

More have been achieved than I expected. The following people lead respective offensives upon the project :

  • Shrinivasan has made great progresses on the smart pipeline to send audio files to commons. This will be super useful. Thanks you ! :)
  • Pablo did lot of maintenance and docker's set up to prepare better international collaboration. He benevolently tutored the Vienna dev team, technically on boarding Shrinivasan, Dafna, and Praveen. Thanks a lot to you Pablo :)
  • Dafna worked on right-to-left languages, to revert the way it is read.
  • Praveen started to learn and is interested in Telugu language.
  • Hugo has increase awareness about the project.

<img width="400px" src="" alt="Schematic image"/>

In Paris

The French team met up the following Tuesday evening to debrief and redirect our efforts. We are organizing so new comers can take the place they wish in the project.

  • The French dev team (Nicolas, Lucas & others) recently has limited availability due to French legislative elections and recently moving into new job. They were cheerful to the news of new comers and are ready to give review, guidance, and to accept incoming pull requests in an agile way. Documentation for [[../issues/29|audio denoising]] is also available, it could be interesting for a possible telegram bot ;)
  • The administrative-communication team (Remy, Hugo) will push for administrative issues, partnerships, and maintenance of the github's issues and wiki.
  • The linguistic research team (Hugo) pushed forward little researches in [[../issues/4|corpus and frequency lists building, including shell script]].
  • A recording team is under construction. After a year of software engineering work, it is time for us to move on the ground (recording studios) and record huge words lists. An unofficial target is to record 30 to 50k audios before the Wikimania. This amount to 10 to 20 sessions of 3 hours.

<img width="400px" src="" alt="Schematic image"/>

Redefining priorities

The following priorities have been defined and willfully agreed :

  • The migration from a French's one man project to an international, github based open source project is to pursue
  • More recording must be done
  • Wikimania and partnerships must be pursued.

On the coding sides check the issues tagged as important :

  • #13 UI in English
  • #33 LinguaLibre-to-Commons pipeline
  • #2 Download serie of audios by click
  • #31 OATH login via Wikipedia accounts

Are the top priority for pre-Wikimania's sprint so we can sign collaborations with universities (#2), provide the tool to languages-lovers around the world (#13) and share LinguaLibre at the Wikimania (#33, #31).. 👍


Please remember to join up the github and commit your improvements so we can review and integrate them to the online system (

Above are also 2 nice photographs of the teams :D (please tell me if I must blur some faces)

Best regards and big thanks to you !

2017.07.17 meetup

With : Hugo, Nicolas. Actionables

  • Clarify missions :
    • Nicolas = coding, technical presentations.
    • Lucas = outreach dialects, production langues de France.
    • Hugo = outreach i18n, github management.
    • Remi = outreach institutions, general presentations.
  • (Again) COLLECT WORDLISTS now, so we can record tomorrow. See new git project.
  • (Again) PRODUCE recordings now ! Especially langues de France.

Put aside

  • Wikibase upgrade. Currently no manpower, nor time, nor money on it = pure dream.

2017.07.20 meetup

Complete me !

With : Remy, Nicolas, Antoine, Hugo.


  • #57 Grants: fill paperwork to obtain various external grants. See (@Hugo, @Remi)
  • #4 WordsLists : Lingua-Libre-Lists, a repository to collect relevant wordslist to use onboarding, is under cristalisation. (@Hugo)
  • (add key point of the meetup here)