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The 2022 LinguaLibre Hackathon is a IRL / online gathering organized by Wikimedia France in order to create a dedicated time to tackle Lingualibre technical issues. The event is organized in preparation for the Wikimania 2022.

  • Objectives: Seriously tackle small and medium size, high priority issues via prioritization, via brutal coding. See also meta:User:Adélaïde Calais WMFr/2022-2023 Lingualibre wishlist and :phabricator:Lingua_libre
  • Dates: 2022.08.03-06 (August 3-4-5-6). 9h-13h et 14h-18h.
  • Place: 12 Rue Martel, Wikimedia France office, Paris 10th and online.
  • Format: Wednesday to Saturday (4 days).
  • Participants: add your availability to Framadate. Grouped below by skills expected to be used.
    • Back/python: Poslo, Micha.
    • JS/CSS: Yug, Elfix, Manu1400.
    • SPARQL: Elfix.
    • Online on Saturday: (no one)
  • Major tracks: This list now reflect what was actually worked on. See the etherpad below.
    • Blazegraph deeper diagnosis and restart: Poslovitch, Micha.
    • SignIt improvement: Yug.
    • Help:SPARQL review and optimisation: Elfix.
    • Sound library: Elfix.
    • Various visual bugs: Poslo, Manu1400, Yug.
  • Not worked on: see also :phabricator:Lingua_libre for priorities.
    • LinguaLibre Bot migration to global status and usage (Lepeticed, Poslovitch)
    • Wikiapijs Bot expansion for data maintenance (Yug, Kanasimi)
    • RW's List loader refinement to support further inputs types. (Yug)
    • «Click $1 below» bug, etc.
    • Audio bugs diagnostic on mobile devices (Manu1400)
  • Etherpad:

Online places

Daily program

Wikimedia France Office Online
Room Focused Discord or Talk page
Room capacity (8 pers.) (∞ pers.)
10:00 - 10:30 Café AB-Autobahnkiosk.svg

Hackathon Contributions Libre
13:00-14:15 Lunch AB-Rast.svg

Hackathon Contributions Libre
19:45-21:15 Diner AB-Rast.svg


Repas porte ouverte ou bar le soir pour débrifé ! Ouvert à tous !

Activity report

A quick announcement following those 4 days hackathon in Paris, at Wikimedia France's HQ. Some progresses on the technical sides thank to Michaël-WMFR, User:Poslovitch, User:Elfix, User:Manu1400, User:Yug, User:Assassas77. Some good discussions and meal also occured.

Restored services

  • Statistics
  • Datasets
  • Sound library fixed / works better
  • Lingualibre SignIt for Firefox (Sign Language)


Back on track

  • language gallery / elegant dataset page, based on Commonvoice. (demonstrator <- real data from early August)

This event was organized by @Adélaïde_Calais_WMFr and Yug, the format is replicable, see LinguaLibre:Events/2022_Hackathon.
The volunter dev <=> WMFr professional staff dynamic was especially fruitful (Michael + Poslovitch).

For news, Wikimedia France expects temporary hires this fall :

  • Lingualibre outreach: an intern for 6 months (confirmed, contract secured)
  • Web developments: a professional for 3+ months. (budget secured, underway)