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Lingualibre users holding the line against relentless heat.

The Forom des Langues 2022 is a yearly outdoor forum in which Toulouse, France, celebrates its cultural and linguistic diversity. More than 50 stands are held by local and regional associations, active in those space, and providing visitors a glimpse on foreign languages and cultures. It's official aim is to gather 100 languages, from local endangered languages to foreign ones.

  • Event: Forom des langues 2022.
  • Topic: Celebrating cultural and linguistic diversity within Toulouse and its region. Aim is to gather speakers in 100 languages. Stands are held by local associations.
  • Objective: 1) Hold the stand on Gascon language, our champion endangered language, with full dictionaries using our audios ; 2) Advocate for Lingualibre ; 3) Survive the ongoing 37⁰C heatwave.
  • Place: Toulouse, Place de la Mairie / du Capitole
  • Date: 2022/06/19, 10-18h
  • Lead contact: Guilhelma, Yug
  • Etherpad:
  • Documents: n.a.
  • Program: holding stand against waves of visitors !
  • Website:
  • Outcome: ~20 languages communities contacted, informed. Contacts taken : see etherpad. Needs follow up email, see Lingualibre:Mailing.