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The 2022.06 LinguaLibre online meetup (June 1st, 2022) is the mid year Wikimedia France-LinguaLibre meetup in order to plan the conferences-rich summer season, later 2022 and medium-term 2023 wishes.


Missions map

  1. MediaWiki maintenance and enhancing : solving underlying technical issues (SPARQL, lack of a developper environment, heavy bot, record wizard lacking beginners tools etc.)
  2. Outreach : get more speakers, get more records
  3. Features developments
  4. Fund requests, aka money money money.

See also recent wishlist.

Directional Acyclic Graph of 2022-2023 Lingualibre wishes (meta:User:Adelaide_Calais_WMFr/2022-2023_Lingualibre_wishlist)


Ikke diskutert.


Contextual dates and deadlines
  • 2022.03.11: Adelaide initiated the 2022-2023 Lingualibre wishlist.
  • 2022.06.01 (event): Updated wishlist shared, call for improvement.
  • 2022.06.05 (deadline): meta:Celtic Knot Conference 2022 > submission deadline. A conference for “communities working on a minority language on the Wikimedia projects”, See requested format: <5mn prerecorded video.
  • 2022.06.10 (deadline): Wikimania 2022 submition deadline. See possible formats.
  • 2022.06.21-23 (event): Lingua libre in Marseille. Opportunity to share our vision with French tech companies.
  • 2022.07.01-02 (event): Celtic Knot Conference 2022.
  • 2022.07.08-10 (event): Wikimedia France's Wikicamp. Opportunity to share our vision with WMFr's community.
  • 2022.08.11-14 (event): Wikimania Online. Opportunity to share our vision with the global WMF's community.


This section is messy and unclear. Clarification welcome.
  • 20:06 Wikimania - Lyokoï wants to organize a contribution event around Lingua Libre - challenge style. "How many languages can we record on lingua libre in one day ?"
  • Idea : need to prepare lists for people to pronounce. Rodio has been working on a bot to generate lists of words that are missing . Olaf bot does that (grabbing words from wiktionnaries).
  • Tech days at Wikimania - last time turned into a presentation more than a hackathon. The issues we have are too complicated for newcomers to work on them. Rule out a hackathon.
    • Note for the future : it would be nice to have a list that is more fluid - a tool that doesn't present the same words to every participant.
  • 20:21 Poslovitch: The recording process is intimidating for some users.
    • RecordWizard url link with list loading
  • 20:27 Lyokoi: It is not a problem that we have multiple recordings of the same word since the accent, the age or gender of each recording is also important
  • 20:31 Rodion: At what point can we say that it's enough for the number of times the same word is recorded? 30 recordings? 100 recordings?
    • 20:34 Rodion: When new users are willing to contribute, a list of words could be suggested and those words would be those that don't have much recordings
  • [Gap in vision of what Lingua Libre is , and what it is for]
  • 20:37 Poslovitch: Theme/topic generated lists was discussed in June, Hackaton 2021 at Lyon.
  • New list types to think about: frequency list, never recorded lists, thematic lists.
  • 20:44 acalai There will be an event in Massy, south of France, aimed to tech companies and tech researchers who work in languages resources. It lasts for 3 days.
  • Events:
    • Yug and Lyokoï - Marseilles
  • meta:User:Adélaïde_Calais_WMFr/2022-2023_Lingualibre_wishlist
  • 20:50 acalai MediaWiki update in spring 2023. Need to fix compatibilities.
  • Click bug:
    • Yug: Bottleneck issues to solves are the sound library and audio click bug.
    • Adelaide: never saw ot, is it frequent ?
    • Yug: occurence rate undocumented.
    • 21:04 Poslovitch: Need Matomo to find those bugs that are affecting some users but haven't been solved yet due to the lack of a description of the bug. Use the proper property on each recording that is faulty. problem : when you've recorded 1000 words, no one wants to look at each individually and manually put the property on each of them. -> would need a batch editing tool (for power users)
      • -> step 1 : create batch editing tool
      • -> step 2 : have a human patrol campaign to create a corpus of faulty recordings
      • -> step 3 :
  • 21:13 Poslovitch : lingua libre is no longer only a recording tool, it needs to be a sound library as well.
  • Routines
    • The datasets don't work.
    • Lingua Libre bot has not been working for 7~8 weeks.
  • (Who?): SPARQL scares new developers (because it's hard and slow). Need json files of the datasets.
    • Yug: Help:SPARQL now available. Authors Yug, VIGNERON, Rdrg109
  • IDE:
    • Poslovitch :Needs developer environment - how to set up lingua libre on one's computer.
  • Need processes and a yearly hackathon

Outreach for resources

  • A developer for 1 year ?
  • University partnership - 1 lab of researchers to contribute to + use
  • Outreach for money / Fundraising

How to communicate with decision makers:

  • To get fund : prove strategic role !
  • Strategic arguments : diversity, revitalization, orality, reusability (forvo not very reusable), document and preserve dying languages


  • Ask questions when WMFr board meeting holds public discussion.