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This LinguaLibre:Events pages gather and announce relevant planed events, IRL or online. This includes recordings workshops, edit-a-thons, hackathons, meet-ups, celebrations, campaigns, collaborations, call for projects and funding, all events requiring teamwork effort before a key deadline and application. Specific subpages serve as rally points and discussion places to organize collaborative work for that events.


Recent and coming events to handle. Usually past few months and next 6 months.



- 2016-2017
- 2018
- 2019
- 2020

2021 International call

See /2021 Internationa call for details.

  • Description: India-France visio-call to exchange on experiences, prospects, strategies, ...
  • Place: online.
  • Time:
  • Organisation: Wikimedia France, Indian wikimedians > User:Adélaïde Calais WMFr, USer:Titodutta, User:Yug, ...
  • Presenters:
  • Participants:

2021 Wikimedia Wikimeet India

See meta:Wikimedia Wikimeet India 2021 & /2021 Wikimedia Wikimeet India


2021 UNILEX-Lingualibre

/2021 UNILEX-Lingualibre

One hour talk between Sascha Bawer, maintainer of UNILEX and Google/Corpuscrawler, and Yug.

2021 ContribuLing

See /2021 ContribuLing, m:Special:MyLanguage/ContribuLing.
  • Name: ContribuLing.
  • Description:
    • en: International conference about minority languages documentation on collaborative digital platforms.
    • fr: Conférence internationale sur la constitution de resources linguistiques (ouverte). Audio et écrite.
  • Content: Appel à ateliers / Formation ; Langues du monde ; faire découvrir des outils et diffuser.
  • Place: Online, local events ?
  • Date: June 3-4 (Thursday, Friday)
    • Call for contributions: March 31st
    • Approval annoucement: April 18th
  • Time (synchronous): Montréal 9h-midi, Paris 15h-18h.
  • Languages: Organisation English/French. Workshop & presentation: free.
  • Organisation: Eavq,
    • Referees: under discussion. (Eavq, Yug,....)
  • Program:
  • Participants: under discussion.
  • Content: Workshops, presentations (slides here, videos here)

2021 Hackathon in Lyon (France)

As part of WikiLucas00's residence as a Lingua Librist at the Institut international pour la Francophonie in Lyon, the team of wikimedians working there on the Dictionnaire des francophones (Noé, Sebleouf, Loumaju) organized two days of collaborative work on the project. Four contributors of Lingua Libre were invited: Pamputt, Poslovitch, VIGNERON and Yug. Lyokoï joined the team during the morning of the second day.

Read more information here (in French).

2021 Wikimania online conference

pdf presentation (in English)

WikiLucas00 presented Lingua Libre during a 45-minute workshop at the occasion of the Wikimania 2021 conference (online).

(re-)watch the session on YouTube (in English)

Patrol assistance tool prototyping project

See /Patrol assistance tool prototyping project.

The Patrol Assistance Tool project (PAT) is an University Toulouse 3's initiative to define, develop and prototype a patrol assistance tools able to review, qualify, and tag audio contributions on LinguaLibre. This project is lead by IARF-RODECO students, Université Toulouse 3 - Paul Sabatier, and supervised by Cédric « Lepticed7 » Tarbouriech and Adélaïde Calais.

  • Description: The Patrol Assistance Tool project (PAT) is an initiative to define, develop and prototype a patrol assistance tools able to review, qualify, and tag audio contributions on LinguaLibre.
  • Place: Université Toulouse 3, Toulouse, France.
  • Time/Schedule: YYYY/MM/DD > HH:MM.
  • Organisation: Lepticed7 (Cédric Tarbouriech). Support:Adélaïde Calais, Wikimédia France.
  • Presentation/Class: Lepticed7
  • Participants: IARF-RODECO students (5)
  • Forum:
  • Program: under discussion.

Winter 2021-2022 Public Relations Campaign

See /Winter 2021-2022 Public Relations Campaign.
This operation was cancelled due to lack of technical solidity on Lingualibre side, namely: 1) no proper search engine (unpractical Sound library, 2) LinguaLibre:Technical_board/Audio click bug (,,,,), 3) no learning feature or added values services for contributing community; 4) no serious plan to remediate those. Position expressed by Marreromarco, endorsed Yug.
Raising awareness about our mission among major macro-languages could open access to smaller linguistic communities, where most of the linguistic diversity resides.

The Winter 2021-2022 Public Relations Campaign is an outward communication effort initiated to raise awareness about LinguaLibre and its Recording Studio capabilities among the general public, Wikimedians, and language enthusiasts online. This campaign will go on the actual PR's field, and through experience will gather and create base PR materials (contact email, blog posts, base flyers, etc.) about our project and mission. As a first online campaign, we will mostly ride macro-languages such as English, Spanish, French, but our long objective is to particularly reach out to smaller linguistic communities within those areas. We would like the awareness created to cause a doubling and diversification of the core LinguaLibre team (coordinators, devs), and a doubling of monthly recordings by Summer 2022. Qualitatively, we aim to solidly cover the major Western languages and solidly move beyond them as well.


  • Description: an initial Public Relation Campaign to raise awareness and call for diverse contributors, including speakers, developers, and others.
  • Place: online, emails,
  • Time/Schedule: 2021/11/25 – 2022/03/31 (initial phase).
  • Lead by: Marreromarco (PR), Yug (Grants review). Support:Adélaïde Calais WMFr (soon), Wikimédia France.
    Any additional volunteers: we look for French, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi PR folk as well as minority languages contacts able to spread the campaign locally.
  • Co-participants: FOSS blogs editors and journalists.
  • Public: readers, to turn into aware public, advocates, or contributors.
  • Program: under discussion.

2022 Lingualibre-Surui workshop

See /2022 Lingualibre-Surui workshop.


Video of Surui language recording by Almir Surui (fr) / User:AlmirSurui, mentored by User:Yug.

The 2022 LinguaLibre-Surui workshop (May 20th, 2022, Paris) is a first face-to-face meeting between AquaVerde and Wikimedia France-LinguaLibre, in order to materialize the common desire to create a bilingual Portuguese-Surui multimedia dictionary. A funding request Wikimedia France/Micro-financement/Demande/µFi-2022-05-201915Atelier de formation à LinguaLibre pour le Surui was submitted, with further details the strategic context and operating costs. This page further documents the organization and conduct of the workshop. Initial training objectives set were achieved.

  • Description: the 2022 LinguaLibre-Surui workshop is a 1st face-to-face meeting to work toward a multimedia Surui-Portuguese dictionary.
  • Place: Paris, Wikimedia France (Rue Martel).
  • Time/Schedule: 2022/05/20 > 14:00.
  • Organization: User:Yug, Wikimédia France.
  • Presentation/Class: User:Yug
  • Participants: Almir Surui, Thomas Pizer, Lea, Yug.
  • Outcome: Training achieved, 350 words recorded.
  • Review & improvements: Requires to sustain the planing effort, recontact the translator, push for more translations, funding.
  • Report: meta:LinguaLibre/Atelier de formation à LinguaLibre pour le Surui/en
  • Program:
    1. (½h) Strategy and coordination
    2. (½h) Surui vocabulary and Lingualibre list's formating
    3. (½h) Pause and cleaning provided list
    4. (1h) Lingualibre discovery, training, practice
    5. (1h) Actual productive recording and publication


2022.06 Lingualibre online meetup

See /2022.06 Lingualibre online meetup.

<translate> The 2022.06 LinguaLibre online meetup (June 1st, 2022) is the mid year Wikimedia France-LinguaLibre meetup in order to plan the conferences-rich summer season, later 2022 and medium-term 2023 wishes.



2022 Forom des langues, Toulouse

See /2022 Forom des langues.
Lingualibre users holding the line against relentless heat.

The Forom des Langues 2022 is a yearly outdoor forum in which Toulouse, France, celebrates its cultural and linguistic diversity. More than 50 stands are held by local and regional associations, active in those space, and providing visitors a glimpse on foreign languages and cultures. It's official aim is to gather 100 languages, from local endangered languages to foreign ones.

  • Event: Forom des langues 2022.
  • Topic: Celebrating cultural and linguistic diversity within Toulouse and its region. Aim is to gather speakers in 100 languages. Stands are held by local associations.
  • Objective: 1) Hold the stand on Gascon language, our champion endangered language, with full dictionaries using our audios ; 2) Advocate for Lingualibre ; 3) Survive the ongoing 37⁰C heatwave.
  • Place: Toulouse, Place de la Mairie / du Capitole
  • Date: 2022/06/19, 10-18h
  • Lead contact: Guilhelma, Yug
  • Etherpad:
  • Documents: n.a.
  • Program: holding stand against waves of visitors !
  • Website:
  • Outcome: ~20 languages communities contacted, informed. Contacts taken : see etherpad. Needs follow up email, see Lingualibre:Mailing.

2022 LREC, Marseille

See /2022 LREC.

The 2022 Language Resources and Evaluation Conference is a major international and academico-professional conference on language resources. The dominant topic is on discourse evaluation and for anti-abusive discourse management, but the field is dedicated to expand its reach in term of language diversity. Orality is marginal, which therefore gives Lingualibre value and opportunities.

2022 Wikicamp

See /2022 Wikicamp.
Vue sur Dieppe depuis le Domaine des Roches.jpg

The 2022 Wikicamp is a yearly IRL gathering, organized by Wikimedia France, in an easy-peasy settings with the leading actors of the European Francophone community. (A larger, more formal yearly Francophone event is the WikiConvention, generally later in the year.)

  • Objectives: Bring to upper decisional and funding levels of Wikimedia France 1) the criticality and urgency of technical issues, as gathered in meta:User:Adélaïde Calais WMFr/2022-2023 Lingualibre wishlist and :phabricator:Lingua_libre; 2) the confidence in our mission and its popularity ; 3) the need in a later outreach campaign.
  • Dates: 2022.07.08-10
  • Place: Domaine des Roches, Dieppe.
  • Participants: 50 leading Francophone wikimedians. From Lingualibre: Adélaide, Poslovitch, Yug.
  • Etherpad: none, open 2022 Wikicamp's wikipage for more information.

Actions decided by Wikimedia France's board

👉 Funding (23k€) of a full time dev on a 4+ months mission approved.
👉 Plans an emergency board meeting in 10 days, dedicated to open that Lingualibre hiring process, as freelance or in-house.
👉 Study of a 2nd salary grid for technical staff, to align with market competition.
👉 Creation of a mixed "Lili Working Committee" to improve strategic vision and synchronization with decision-making levels of Wikimedia France. Likely composed of (?): 2 board member + Adelaide Calais (staff) + Future Web Dev(staff) + 2 volunteers with tech understanding for orientation and synchronization with board.


🌟 While core goals were achieves, the critical mission to audio document the cultural diversity of 7,000 languages via their vocabulary, which is at reach, requires as soon as possible 2 full time positions on Lingualibre: one full stack dev and one full time polycompetent supervisor for community, outreach, field linguistic, strategy and technical developments.

2022 Hackathon

See /2022 Hackathon.
Community Hackathon Photograph- Briefing session.jpg

The 2022 LinguaLibre Hackathon is a IRL / online gathering organized by Wikimedia France in order to create a dedicated time to tackle Lingualibre technical issues. The event is organized in preparation for the Wikimania 2022.

  • Objectives: Seriously tackle small and medium size, high priority issues via prioritization, via brutal coding. See also meta:User:Adélaïde Calais WMFr/2022-2023 Lingualibre wishlist and :phabricator:Lingua_libre
  • Dates: 2022.08.03-06 (August 3-4-5-6). 9h-13h et 14h-18h.
  • Place: 12 Rue Martel, Wikimedia France office, Paris 10th and online.
  • Format: Wednesday to Saturday (4 days).
  • Participants: add your availability to Framadate. Grouped below by skills expected to be used.
    • Back/python: Poslo, Micha.
    • JS/CSS: Yug, Elfix, Manu1400.
    • SPARQL: Elfix.
    • Online on Saturday: (no one)
  • Major tracks: This list now reflect what was actually worked on. See the etherpad below.
    • Blazegraph deeper diagnosis and restart: Poslovitch, Micha.
    • SignIt improvement: Yug.
    • Help:SPARQL review and optimisation: Elfix.
    • Sound library: Elfix.
    • Various visual bugs: Poslo, Manu1400, Yug.
  • Not worked on: see also :phabricator:Lingua_libre for priorities.
    • LinguaLibre Bot migration to global status and usage (Lepeticed, Poslovitch)
    • Wikiapijs Bot expansion for data maintenance (Yug, Kanasimi)
    • RW's List loader refinement to support further inputs types. (Yug)
    • «Click $1 below» bug, etc.
    • Audio bugs diagnostic on mobile devices (Manu1400)
  • Etherpad:

2022 Wikimania

See /2022 Wikimania.

2022 WikiConvention

See /2022 WikiConvention.

This is a Francophone event.

  • Thème: Actions par les wikimediens francophones, retours d'expériences, présentation de projet, etc.
  • Date: 2022.11.19-20
  • Place: Paris, France. IRL.
  • Site:
  • Candidature avant: 2022.07.10
  • Formats:
    • Présentation éclair / 6 minutes: presentation 5mn ; Q&A 1mn.
    • Présentation classique / 25 minutes: presentation 20min / Q&A 5mns
    • Présentation libre / durée libre: libre.

2023 Lingualibre editathon

See /2023 Editathon.

The 2023 LinguaLibre Editathon and Translations is an mini IRL / online gathering organized by Wikimedia France in order to create a dedicated time to push Lingualibre outreach, public relations and communication. The event is organized in support to 2022–2023 Service Civique. This is in line with and a very helpful step for our 2023 draft program.

  • Objectives: Lingualibre:Mailing currently gathers a dozen of use-cases relative to specific publics or partners to outreach to. We aim to
    1. rapidly draft a dozen of outreach email templates, adapted to those identified typical use cases.
    2. flag those templates for translation into major macro-languages such as EN, FR, AR, ES, CN, IN, HI, RU, CN. Minority languages would also be encouraged. Possible rapid translation can be initiated via a duo of Google Translate + requesting rapid review from native speakers. This method has proven efficient in the past.
    3. the result will be an outreach toolkit of a dozen of typical emails, available in multiple languages, ready to tinker and email to interested linguistic communities.
  • Dates: 2023.02.01 (Wednesday 1st, February). 10h-13h et 14h-18h.
  • Place: mostly online, maybe also at Wikimedia France office, Paris.
  • Format: 1 days (Wednesday), but you can join on earlier or later days.
  • Participants:
    • Mailling: Melody & Yug.
  • Etherpad: – working side by side)
  • Assistant:

2023 SignIt phase 1

See meta:Lingua_Libre/SignIt/2023/Phase_1.
  • Description: Freelance project to fix the video recording chain and restore Lingua Libre SignIt to full functionality.
  • Participants:
  • Dates: 2023.03.21—04.25 (1 month 4 days)
  • Funding: French Ministry of Education and Research → URFIST Occitanie → Wikimédien en résidence → Freelance
  • Summary: experienced coordinator starting this modest scale freelance with experienced former developer was rapid, smooth, successful. Format should be replicated.

2023 Contribuling, Paris

See /2023 Contribuling. Previous occurrence : 2022.
ContribuLing 2023 Poster.pdf
  • Name: 2023 ContribuLing.
  • Description:
    • en: International conference about minority languages documentation on collaborative digital platforms.
    • fr: Conférence internationale sur la constitution de resources linguistiques (ouverte). Audio et écrite.
  • Content: Appel à ateliers / Formation ; Langues du monde ; faire découvrir des outils et diffuser.
  • Place: rue des grands moulin, INALCO, 75013 Paris.
  • Date: 2023.05.12 (Friday), 09h00—19h00 (UTC+2: Brussels, Paris, Madrid, etc.)
  • Languages: Organisation English/French. Workshop & presentation: free.
  • Organisation:
  • Program: meta:ContribuLing 2023/Program
  • Participants:
  • Content: Workshops, presentations

2023 Forom des langues, Toulouse

See /2023 Forom des langues. Previous occurrence : 2022.

LinguaLibre:Events/2023 Forom des langues

2023 Wikimedia Hackathon

See /2023 Wikimedia Hackathon.
French developers.
All participants.

2023 Wikicamp

See /2023 Wikicamp.

LinguaLibre:Events/2023 Wikicamp


See /2023 COSCUP (Taibei).

LinguaLibre:Events/2023 COSCUP

2023 Lingualibre Hackathon

See /2023 Hackathon.

LinguaLibre:Events/2023 Hackathon

2023 Wikimania

See /2023 Wikimania.

2024 LREC

See /2024 LREC & /2022 LREC.

The LREC-COLING 2024 or 2024 Joint International Conference on Computational Linguistics, Language Resources and Evaluation is a major international and academico-professional conference on language resources. The dominant topic is on discourse evaluation and for anti-abusive discourse management, but the field is dedicated to expand its reach in term of language diversity. Orality is marginal, which therefore gives Lingualibre value and opportunities.

  • Event: LREC 2024, Language Resources and Evaluation Conference 2024.
  • Site:
  • Topic:
  • Place: Lingotto Conference Centre, Turino, Italia
  • Deadline: 13 October 2023 for papers and workshops proposals.
  • Date: 2024/06/20-25, 10-19h. 20-21,25 : workshops ; 22-24: conferences.
  • Lead contact: Adélaïde_Calais_WMFr, Yug.
  • Objectives: 1) Advocate for "Lingualibre : rapid audio recording tool for lexicons and more. 2) Investigate possible technical sponsorship / collaboration."
  • Etherpad:
  • Program:
  • Report: See Etherpad or meta:User:Yug/Marseille.
  • Outcome:
  • Lessons: see [[../2022_LREC]].


This section expose a wishlist of events to lead. Help much welcome to coordinate those communities with suitable supports.

  • Workshop on Indian provincial and minority languages & wordlists consolidations.
  • Online Hackathon on wordlists curation and creations
  • Indian Local languages Lingualibre recording sessions
  • Western Africa Lingualibre recording sessions

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