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{{ColorFrame|portion=4|rgb=#52B080|title=<translate><!--T:11--> Getting Started</translate>|content=
{{ColorFrame|portion=4|rgb=#52B080|title=<translate><!--T:11--> Getting Started</translate>|content=

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New to Lingua Libre? The following pages will help you get familiar with this project.

Record voices


Recording session

Others page to edit

Team To do When Weight
Coordination LinguaLibre:Strategy - development strategy and known timeline
Coordination LinguaLibre:Events - IRL events such as coding or recording hackathons, meetings
Coordination LinguaLibre:Coordination - Collaborations with external teams, what institutional cooperation to open ? WM-UK, INALCO, etc.
Coordination What grants to aim for, and call for presentations.
Development Get involved with list of issue and
Recorders What languages to focus on, speaker to contact.
Communication LinguaLibre:About#Project's_history.